Presidential & Parliamentary elections 2007

Image depicting people voting

The role of under 18s in the elections

If you are under 18 on 28 July 2007 you cannot vote in these elections. You have another important role to play.

You should help your elders to understand what they have to do to register and vote.

And you should pay attention to how the election works this time around, so that you can play a positive role in the future

DO NOT try to register or vote, or let anyone bribe you to register or vote. If you are caught, you may not be allowed to vote in the future. If anyone tries to make you vote, tell the National Electoral Commission. Telephone 076 547 299.

DO NOT get involved in any kind of disturbance at a registration or polling centre. It is really important for the future of your country that the 2007 elections are peaceful.

Register to vote from 26 February to 18 March