Presidential & Parliamentary elections 2007

Contact NEC

If you have a general enquiry, you can write to NEC at 15 Wellington Industrial Esate, Freetown, or telephone 076 547 299.

If you have a specific question, contact the relevent district office of the National Electoral Commision. Details are given below.

  • BO:Old Railway Station Building, 14 Mattru Road, Maxwell Khobe Park, Bo Town
  • BOMBALI:No 14 Magburaka Road, Makeni
  • BONTHE:District Administation Station Compound, Heddle Road, Bonth. Sub-Office at Mattru Jong.
  • KAILAHUN:Off District Council Office, by The Radio Station, Kailahun
  • KAMBIA:District Administration Office Area, Kambia
  • KENEMA:Maxwell Khobe Street 1, by Prisons Office
  • KOINADUGU:District Administration Office, near the military barracks, Kabala
  • KONO:Old Yengema Road, Koidu Town
  • MOYAMBA:District Administration Office, near reservation, Moya
  • PORT:LOKO Off Kambia Lane, District Administration Office Area, Port Loko
  • PUJEHUN:District Administration Office Area, Old Town, Pujehun
  • TONKOLILI:District Council Administration Office Area, Magburaka
  • WESTERN:RURAL Along Freetown Road (opposite the police station), Waterloo
  • WESTERN:URBAN NEC building, 15 Industrial Estate, Wellington, Freetown

Register to vote from 26 February to 18 March