About Us

Mohamed M.N Conteh


Accountability: The Commission will take full responsibility for its activities and will always be answerable to the people of Sierra Leone and to its partners.


Credibility: The Commission will endeavor to win the confidence and trust of all Sierra Leoneans and the international community through the quality of its services.


Independence: In all the electoral matters, the Commission will ensure that it operates freely in its own best judgment, without taking directives from or being controlled by any person or authority.


Integrity: The Commission will carry out its activities in an honest and truthful manner, and will take all reasonable measures to prevent wilful wrongdoing by its officials.


Impartiality: The Commission will always be non partisan and fair in all its activities.


Professionalism and Dedication: The Commission will endeavor to have a well trained, professionally competent staff, dedicated to the delivery of trustworthy elections.


Transparency: The Commission will be open at all times in dealing with all stakeholders in the electoral process.


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