Mohamed M.N Conteh

CEC and Chairperson of NEC

The Commission is made up of five Electoral Commissioners appointed by the President after consultation with the leaders of all the registered political parties and the approval of Parliament. The Board of Commissioners (BOC) consists of a Chief Electoral Commissioner/Chairperson, who is the head of policy and spokesperson of the Commission and four other members who are called Electoral Commissioners. The tenure of office of all Commissioners is five years and their terms and conditions of service are prescribed by Parliament.

Mr. Mohamed N'Fah-Alie Conteh - Chief Electoral Commission & Chairperson is the Oversight of Finance, Administration and Internal Audit Department/Issues

List of Commissioners

Commissioner South

Ms Augusta Bockarie
Commissioner  Sourthern Region
Oversight: Training and Electoral Education Department and issues relating to infrastructure
Commissioner North

Mr. Gibrill Maksood-Sesay
Commissioner  Northern Region
Oversight: Legal Affairs, Monitoring, Research and Evaluation Departments.
Commissioner West

Ms Miatta L. French
Commissioner  Western Area
Oversight: Media and ER (including Political Party and Stakeholder Relations), Human Resource, Gender and Disability Departments
Commissioner East

Mr. Aiah S. Mattia
Commissioner  East
Oversight: Operations, ICT and Voters Registration Departments

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